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These are the following ways in which you can join the League of Angels:

Pre-registration Sign up in advance to #ownDroad in any section in Fantasy Carnival before anyone else. Be the first to join the League of Angels and secure your favorite costume without the hassle.

Committee Members Contact a Fantasy Carnival committee member to secure your registration cards or online registration codes to join the League of Angels.

Section Promoters #ownDroad in Fantasy Carnival by registering via your favourite crew! Contact any of our section promoters to acquire your registration cards or online registration codes to join the League of Angels!

Band House - Visit the League of Angels showroom located at #6 Alberto Street, Woodbook, Port of Spain with your registration cards to register. Registration cards are required to join the League of Angels.

Online Visit to view our 2019 collection. To register, please contact a Fantasy Carnival committee member or Section Promoter to acquire your online registration codes.

Costume Payments

We accept the following payment methods:
Online: Credit Card Only (VISA & Mastercard)
Band House: Cash and Linx
Other: Wire Transfer
Cheques will not be accepted as a form of payment. If you have further inquiries, please email

Payment Policy

Costume registration is only considered complete after receipt of a full down payment.

Male Costumes TTD $2000
Pants and Hat TTD $2000
Female Backline Costumes TTD $2000
Female Frontline Costumes TTD $3500
Any feathered costume add-ons must be paid for in advance upon registration before cutoff date, October 31 st 2018.

Costume Collection

All costumes remain the property of Fantasy Carnival until costume has been paid off in full and collected.

Masqueraders may only collect costume packages in their name and must present a valid form of ID upon collection at the distribution centre.

Masqueraders collecting costume packages on behalf of someone must produce an authorization letter and copy of the masquerader's ID at the distribution centre. A digital copy must be sent in advance via email to in the name of the masquerader to Fantasy Carnival.

Masqueraders will be advised when their costume is available to collect via our distribution schedule in email, website and social media platforms.

All uncollected costumes will be forfeited.

Refund/Return Policy

All down-payments are non-refundable. NO exchange or switching of sections.
NO changing of measurements or sizes. NO Costume Transfers. NO Returns accepted.

Section Promoters & Partners

Trinidad Carnival Diary, Hakwai Clan, Bikini Cove, Lollabee Entertainment, Boxman Entertainment, Shipwrecked Carnival, DJ Ana, Veritas Entertainment, Lady Bug Concepts, Tobye and Shoma, Core Carnival, Kenez Entertainment, The Kingdom, Red Jokers, No Sleep Mas, Holistic Travel, My Carnival Weekend, Friction.

Committee Members

Aarad Homer, Amanda Sookoo, Armani Fernandes, Asheaka Roberts, Bjorn Louis Clifton, Brandon Mohammed, Celena Seusahai, Cherisse Alexis, Cheyenne Chin Choy, Christopher de Caires-Glenn, Chyanne Brown, David Chong Ling, Diviya Rampersad, Dominic Robinson, Jacinda Brusco, Jase Calderon, Jeremy Ali, Jesse Huggins, Junior Dedier, Kadesha Celestine, Kairon Adams, Kaiande Devonish, Kasyl Barclay, Kathy Caroline Andujar Achong, Keisha Marie Charles, Kerry Gunness, Kieon Cardinez, Kirsty Luckie Roopnarine, Krystyna-lee Alexander, Leanna Ross, Makeisha Augustine, Marieange Pollinais, Marisa Mohammed, Marissa Gabriel, Matthew Maturasingh, Miquel Mora, Monique Rodriguez, Myles Yorke, Nikita Latchman, Ornella Boiselle, Raeanna Ramdhanie, Rogelle Gomez, Samantha Ramischand Kublalsingh, Selene Tehira Massoom, Shawn Poon Affat, Shannon Mc Donald, Shivane Balay, Slavia Montano, Travis Joseph, Veronika Sramata.